Second Semester Senior English Projects

February 4, 2015

            What comes in all shapes and sizes and is not necessarily a paper?  Research projects.  The emphasis is on project.  The second semester research projects vary for College English II and English 4 with two projects for College English II.

            The College English II classes fourth and sixth period are doing a research project involving five books.  The students are to read the book, research the author, find critical reviews on the book and include these in the paper, conduct a survey, and create a graph from the survey. The students are then to write on a theme from the book and use the book for primary research for proof of the theme.  The books are Life of Pi, Things Fall Apart, Pride and Prejudice, The Hobbit, and Death on the Nile. By having the students reading five books, they are actually in reading groups and may converse with others about the book. This should also help in conducting the surveys to have others who have read the same book.  After the paper is turned in on March 31, students will prepare for a PowerPoint presentation over the book.  This presentation is to focus on the theme, author, and a brief summary of the book.

            The eighth period College English II class has created a proposal to be approved or rejected.  Their research project involves selecting a topic to research from Dawson County. Each student is to create a topic of interest and the form of presentation. Many of the students have decided to do an iMovie for the final presentation. The project must demonstrate real-life research skills.

            English 4 students are reading a book of choice within the student’s ZPD range from Accelerated Reader and creating a PowerPoint presentation on the author, a book summary, and the explanation of a theme. The presentations will begin April 20 and are one of the final grades for English 4.  So, happy reading seniors and may your presentations be interesting.


Carol Anderbery