“Soaking up” student’s attention!

August 24, 2015

     Students in Mr. Patocka’s Spanish classes have been warming up with a “Sponge” activity for years.  These activities are designed to bring the class together and focus through a series of vocabulary activities and games. 

     This year, Mr. Patocka will be incorporating a different type of sponge activity designed to focus on grammar review and practice.  The sponge activity series is called Spanish Class Starters, and are written and designed by Spanish teachers, for Spanish teachers.  These activities also include cultural and historical notes, which touch on other disciplines that students currently study.

     Each level of Spanish will have their own difficulty level, which will challenge students, but still allow them to review past information and learn.  These activities will be conduced in a team versus team style with the winning team being the one that finishes the activity first, with the most correct answers.