Spanish 4 with Mr. Patocka

January 15, 2015

Students in Mr. Patocka's Spanish 4 class have had the opportunity to dive into the world of advanced literature by reading plays from the Golden Age of Spanish Drama.  These plays, written during the 1400's were works that inspired many famous authors such as William Shakespeare and were originally written to be put into production and presented to Spanish audiences for entertainment.

 Spanish 4 students have read "La Celestina", a play which many have claimed served as the inspiration for "Romeo and Juliet".  Students are currently reading the masterpiece, "El Burlador de Sevilla" another treasure of Spanish literature which not only entertained audiences over 600 years ago but also contained lessons about morality and life, as well as how the decisions you make now can affect your future down the road.

 By reading these advanced works of Spanish literature, students are able to take a glimpse at what life was like in Spain during the 1400's as well as how many of the topics that entertained the commoner back then are still relevant with today's audience.  These plays are written and read in Spanish in the Spanish 4 class but the editions that are being read have been adapted and edited for a younger high school-aged audience.