Spanish with Mrs. Robinson

November 11, 2015

Some of the things that have been going on in Mrs. Robinson’s class; the Spanish 1 adv and Spanish 2 adv classes this new quarter are:   for Día de Los Muertos the students made paper flowers that represent honoring the dead.  Día de Los Muertos is similar to Memorial Day in the United States.  There are some differences to Día de Los Muertos as compared to Memorial Day.  Día de Los Muertos last for 3 days:  the 1st day is preparation, the 2nd day is celebrating the lives of the children that died as children, and the 3rd day is celebrating the lives of the adults that have passed away.  The celebration of Día de Los Muertos occurs every year from October 31- November 2nd.  The students really enjoy remembering and learning some new things that they didn’t know before.