SPEECH: Message Types Responses

October 29, 2014

Students in Mrs. Garrelts speech class have recently been learning about the eight major (and one minor) speech types in class.  These include Persuasive, Informative, Entertainment, Personal, Social, Occasion, Mass Media, and Career speeches as the main types and Competition speaking as the minor type.  Students have studied the types, examined examples, and are currently creating a video-based project to showcase four of the main types. 

Students were asked to write a comment about speech class in the style of each of the types of speeches.  Examples follow below.  Did you know these types?  Could you pick them out? 


“I enjoy speech class because it is all seniors and Mrs. Garrelts takes her time to help everyone out!”  --Noemi Tavares. 


“Speech class teaches you not to be shy in front of people and to be more interactive.”  --Maximino Avalos


“Have you ever been nervous about public speaking or giving a presentation?  Fear no more!  Taking speech class will make you in to a classy, smooth, and confident speaker with the capability to come up with a speech in no time!”  --Daniel Reynoso


“I  would like to give a toast to Mrs. Garrelts for being the best speech teacher I’ve ever had!”  --Kevin Tobias


“Speech will make you LOL when Mrs. Garrelts throws water bottles when explaining the different kinds of audiences.”  --Andrea Munoz


“On this graduation day I would like to thank Mrs. Garrelts for teaching me how to get rid of glossophobia!  Thank you!”  --Diana Romero


“Speech class will help me in my career as I will have to interact with people.”  --Juan Manzo

“Speech class makes me a better candidate for the job because of all the public speaking skills I’ve gained.”  --Daniel Reynoso

Mass Media: 

“Breaking News!!! Mrs. Garrelts is now accepting new class members into her speech class!” –Jennifer Bullis

“@GarreltsSpeech Speech is Awesome!  #warmups #OMG”  --Jaqui Morataya