Strength Training

November 29, 2011

            Strength training provides students with the opportunity to reach their full physiological potential and help them become disciplined and confident individuals.  Through practicing proper/safe weight lifting technique, students will improve their body mechanics and develop a better command of his/her physical skills. The strength training class at LHS is offered 7 periods daily. Throughout the semester students will learn proper weight lifting techniques, how to work the various parts of the body and how to read and figure their individual power levels. Each class undergoes testing at the end of each quarter to figure their maximum weights for various lifts. If students choose to take their interest in lifting even further, they have the opportunity to participate on the LHS Power Lifting team that has been highly competitive for the past few years. So far this year, the Lexington Boys have a team title, the girls have a runner-up claim and Lexington was CO-ED champs at the Lex Invite.