Strength Training at LHS

February 23, 2015

Students are now finishing their third cycle of our lifting program. Thus far students have done a great job of staying focused and bringing intensity to the weight room everyday.  Our seniors have done a great job this year of being mentors for our freshman.  As the school year winds down we look to keep our spirits high and continue to drive for success.  

As of this week students have begun to test out.  Students will be attempting to improve their max weight lifted on five different core lifts. (Power Clean, Bench Press, Military Press, and Deadlift).  Also students will look to improve their agility times.  We have the students test in four tests that help determine their improvements (40 yd. dash, vertical jump, pro agility, and t-test).  

By the end of the school year, students will have been completed 4 lifting cycles, but it will not stop there.  Our student athletes will be asked to also commit themselves to the weight room throughout the summer where they will complete another cycle of the lifting program. They will be helped by a number of coaches that will motivate and push them.  The student athletes know that lifting and agility work can be a grind sometimes, but in the end it will pay off.  As coaches we look forward to watching our student athletes progress and be successful on the field and court.

 For further information on our lifting program and what the students are achieving go to: