Student Vote 2016

March 3, 2016

Mr. McConnell’s history classes have been participating in the Newsela Student Vote 2016 Program. The goal of the Students Vote 2016 program is to provide a learning experience that will help them fulfill their duties of citizenship in a participatory democracy, not tomorrow, but today. Interest and education surrounding elections and the future of our country should not start when students turn 18. It should start now.


The Newsela program is working with educators, civic groups, and news partners to implement a 9-month program that helps teachers and parents engage their students on the 2016 presidential election, Students Vote 2016.  Through the year, students will make connections to their civic life and see the power of their vote compared to their peers across the nation. The students read articles about the views of the candidates and make their selections on who they think is the best candidate.  It makes the political process more realistic by participating in this hands on program.