April 22, 2016


                                                                                            April 2016

This month in the TLC room we are working on skill building for next school year. Our students are continually needing new direct instruction modules to give them variety and motivation for improvement. We have relied on the Pinterest website for some ideas for new workboxes.  Many of the supplies can be found right in your home or even here at school. We have collected cardboard boxes and cans from the kitchen staff. Items like empty fruit cups, butter tubs, applesauce cups, and fast food containers are great for our instructional needs.

We also find many items at the Lexington Goodwill. They have been very supportive in assisting us with different things in the store.

Other benefits to making our own instructional modules, is cost. We have estimated that when we are finished, we will have saved the school district approximately $1,500 in supplies. This may allow us monies to purchase items we cannot create.

We are also planning on taking pictures of each direct instruction module along with a catalog number and short description. The pictures will be made available to other programs in the district if they have a specific need for a student. It will save staff time and money in not “re-inventing the wheel” so to speak.

Below are examples of some of the direct instruction modules that we have recently created: