Using Technology in Geometry

October 5, 2015

This year in Geometry I have been trying to incorporate the use of the students' computers more often.  We have a Google Classroom set-up for each class where the students can locate notes, assignments, and discussions.  Also, we have been using Google Docs for our daily participation.  Furthermore,  the students have used their computers to create a word cloud of geometry terms.

As an introduction to Geometry, students brainstormed topics that related to Geometry. For example: circles, parallelograms, triangles, protractor, ruler, sine, cosine, tangent, etc. After coming up with a list of words, the students created word clouds using various websites (, to show all the different terms.  

Shown below are a few of the word clouds that were created throughout the Geometry classes.  Stop by my room (RM 403) to see more word clouds!