Visual Fractions

January 28, 2016

Mrs. Vrbka and Mr. Petersen’s Pre-Algebra classes are learning about fractions.  They are using a website called Visual Fractions.  Visual Fractions takes the students through different mini-lessons on how to rename improper fractions to mixed numbers, reduce fractions, compare fractions, add/subtract/multiply/divide fractions, and a lot more.   

Some people feel that fractions are easier to understand when seen, or eaten!  This website allows students to see fractions on a number line and on a circle graph.  We like to think of the circle graph as a pizza or a cake!  This allows the students to think of comparing pieces of a pizza or adding pieces of the pizza together.

Students get instruction through PowerPoint presentations, and then do some on-line practice.  They get extra practice from a couple worksheets and then test out on each mini-lesson.  The students are enjoying this unit because they feel they can advance through the lessons at their own pace, whether that is a little faster or a little slower than their classmates.