Welding and Industrial Technology Classes

December 5, 2014

     At Lexington High the welding students are learning to weld using the stick, MIG, TIG, and oxy-fuel processes.  The first semester we have been mainly using the stick and oxy-fuel and are becoming quite proficient at each.  During 2nd semester we will learn how to MIG and TIG.

     The advanced welding fab students have spent the first semester brushing up on their stick and MIG techniques and are in the process of building out of position stands for our welding classes to use.  They are also constructing soccer goals for one of the elementary schools for their playground.  We have numerous other projects that are already lined up for the second semester for them to work on.

     The industrial technology classes are also starting a Skills USA vocational club that will compete in numerous competitions at the state level in the spring.  More information will be coming to all of your vocational teachers soon.  If you have any questions please see Mr. Reed in the welding shop.