What To Expect On The Math ACT Test

February 15, 2016

         You will have 60 minutes to answer 60 multiple-choice questions based on “… topics covered in typical high school classes.”  For those of you who aren’t sure if you went to a typical high school, these questions break down into rather precise areas of knowledge.

There are usually

         33 Algebra Questions:

                  14 pre-algebra questions based on math terminology

                      (integers, prime numbers, etc), basic number theory,

                      (rules of zero, order of operations, etc), and

                       manipulation of fractions and decimals

                  10 elementary algebra questions based on inequalities,

                      linear equations, ratios, percents, and averages

                  9 intermediate algebra questions based on exponents,

                      roots, simultaneous equations, and quadratic equations


         23 Geometry Questions:

                  14 plane geometry questions based on angles, lengths,                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

                      triangles, quadrilaterals, circles, perimeter, area,

                      and volume

                  9 coordinate geometry questions based on slope, distance,

                      midpoint, parallel and perpendicular lines, points of

                      intersection, and graphing


         4 Trigonometry Questions:

                  4 questions based on basic sine, cosine, and tangent

                      functions, trig identities, and graphing


What Not To Expect On The Math Test


         Because the ACT test writers care more about your math skills than do the SAT test writers, the ACT does not provide any formulas at the beginning of the Math test.  Before you panic, take a second look.