What You Can Control

January 8, 2016

Control is a word with stigma.  It can been seen as both good and bad, positive and negative.  It is about perspective, really.  School faculty and staff view this differently than most regarding student achievement.  Our highest achievers, the most consistent students we deal with on a daily basis, take control of their academics.  They own them.  They understand their successes and failures are just that, theirs.  On the other end of the spectrum, we have those who feel like they are controlled - controlled by forces beyond their control.  Essentially, they feel as though they are the victim of their circumstances.  Late or missing work isn’t their fault, tardiness and absences are always beyond their control.  Now certainly, there is a degree of credence that the latter warrants, but by in large our most successful students and most successful people in society are the most in control of their lives.  In sports it is often said that there is a lot out of a player’s control.  But what the player always does have control over is effort and attitude.  Apply this to the classroom and students are certain to flourish.