World Language Department

September 4, 2015

     Spanish is off to a great start this year!  First of all, the World Language Department would like to give lots of thanks to Mr. Flores for all his hard work last year implementing the new curriculum, teaching Spanish grammar at the Middle School.   This has made the transition for the 9th graders much smoother into the High School Spanish classes.  This year, Mrs. Robinson was able to use the regular curriculum with the 9th graders because of the strong foundation that was given in the Spanish grammar at the middle school level.  Again, Thank You, Mr. Flores for your hard work with the 8th graders and keep up the good work it is greatly appreciated! 

     Mrs. Vera-Chávez and Mrs. Robinson were able to test all of the 9th graders that had not yet been tested to assure that they were all placed in the right level.  Mrs. Robinson is now teaching 3 sections of Advanced Spanish 2 and 3 sections of Advanced Spanish 1.  The 8th period class in Mrs. Robinson’s schedule is now an Advanced Spanish 1 class rather than a Regular Spanish 1 class.  Some of the students that have Mrs. Robinson for 8th period may have the class name of Spanish 1, but it is actually an Advanced Spanish 1, because of how those students scored on the Spanish placement assessments that were administrated to determine the correct level.  

     If there are any questions regarding the testing and placement of students in different levels, please contact any of the World Language teachers at the high school.  Thank You