Write-On students practice interviewing skills

May 15, 2015

     Writing excellent essays is important for students.  Throughout this year, juniors in the Write-On class at Lexington High School have perfected their skills of developing ideas, giving examples, organizing thoughts, crafting excellent sentences, and checking their grammar and spelling.  These students put these skills to the test when they took the NeSA writing test in January.

     After the writing test, it was time to see how they could incorporate what they had learned into more real-life situations.  Students crafted one-page resumes that showcased the skills and experiences that would make them a good employee.  In addition, students spent time reflecting on their own strengths and weaknesses in order to prepare to sell themselves in an interview.  Students learned how to complete a job application.

     This week students passed a test of another sort when they did a mock interview with teachers Annalise McHargue and Annette Fitzgerald.  Students were “interviewied” for a job as a carhop at Sonic.  Students had to use the skills they developed in writing, such as giving examples and organizing thoughts, to answer questions posed by the interviewers.  These students displayed great thought in their answers and confidence in their skills, even though they said that they thought they were much more nervous interviewing with the teachers than they would be interviewing for an actual job.