LHS Automotive Technology

December 12, 2017

Automotive students are busy getting ready for finals this week. Students have covered safety, basic tools, buying an automobile, automobile cleaning and paint care, and car insurance. Students have learned how to make double and bubble flares and drill and tap bolt holes. T... Read More

Egypt - Past and Present

December 12, 2017

As we are getting ready to finish the semester the ELL Transition 1 class is working on a small project. In this project the students are using their creativity and what we have learned about ancient and modern Egypt to show what they think Egypt was like in the past an... Read More

Robotics at LHS

December 11, 2017

Lexington Robotics Club is up and competing. Early this year several students were highly interested in forming a new club for designing, building, programming, and competing a robot in Vex Robotics. In early November, after months of fundraising, designing, re-designing, an... Read More

‘Tis the Season

December 11, 2017

       We just wrapped up a workshop titled “Killer Plagues,” in which we studied about Smallpox, Ebola, and the Bubonic Plague. Primarily, we learned that there is no cure for these viruses, but scientists are hoping to be prepared with vacci... Read More

“Lincoln” & the Civil War

December 8, 2017

The freshmen American History I class watched Steven Spielberg’s “Lincoln” to end their unit about the Civil War.  We have spent the beginning of the 2nd quarter learning about the Civil War.  One aspect of the war that was emphasized with every b... Read More