Presentations and Poetry in English 3

March 18, 2019

        Students in English 3 and English 3H are currently studying modernism and imagism. These literary trends took place in the early 1900s, so students have spent time researching different events in society that influenced the literature of this... Read More

Functional Math Skills

March 18, 2019

        In our Developmental Learning Program Math course at LHS, students work on a variety of math skills, some of which are academic math skills and some of which are functional math skills. One to two days per week, students have been managing their o... Read More

La clase de Sra. Ramírez

March 13, 2019

We have been busy in our Spanish classes with a ton of new vocabulary and grammar! This month, Spanish 1 got to make Valentines in Spanish and pass them out to each other. Also in Spanish 1, we have been talking about houses and learning about the differences of the verbs se... Read More

On to the Nervous System in Health

March 12, 2019

Right now in health class the students just finished learning about the skeletal and muscular systems.  Next they will be learning about the nervous system and how the brain works.  Students will have the opportunity to find out if they are left brain dominant or r... Read More

Special Education: Then and Now

March 11, 2019

     The road traveled for those going through disabilities is certainly a rough one and it also poses challenges for those that are close to them and take care of them. However, it was arguably more difficult in the past for individuals with disab... Read More