Finding a "Path" in life!

October 14, 2013

The Lexington High School Game Club has nearly doubled after its first year of existence and what better way to celebrate than with a table top game tournament?  A role playing/board game that has gained popularity with students within the last year is called "Pathfinder".  Pathfinder is a more simplified version of Dungeons and Dragons and everything you need to get up and playing in less than an hour is all in the box.  The instructions are written for role playing beginners and dice, character cards, record sheets and even a large two sided map is included.

For a recent event with the LHS Game Club it was decided that a six hour marathon of Pathfinder would be a great way to welcome new members to the club as well as friendly rivalries between current members could be carried out on the game board.  In the end, the members had a great time and Pathfinder is now one of our regular rotation table top games!

Any eligible Lexington High School student interested in joining just needs to stop by Mrs. Karges or Mr. Patocka's room for more information.  There is no cost and the club hosts events nearly every other week!