Staying "Connected" in Geometry

October 21, 2013

October is "Connected Educator Month", so I have decided to reflect on how our classroom is attempting to be connected.  I believe being connected goes beyond using Twitter, Instagram, Google, Pintrest or any other current tech tool.  I believe this because things are changing so rapidly an educator can't simply keep up, you have to move forward and learn to be open to new ideas.  For example, it used to be in the old school style of teaching you would make a connection to geometry for students by having them take pictures in their community of geometric shapes, now because they have ipads, computers, or iphones, instagram can be used.  Or, how about setting up a class account to be able to store information on Twitter?  Here are some sites I have found interesting in helping me become "connected".  But look quick, tomorrow there will be a new "hot" app!