Anatomy and Treatment of Knee Injuries

October 4, 2019

Introduction to Athletic Training students have reached the point in the semester where they are beginning to learn about the different areas of the body. This week students are currently learning about the knee. We are discussing the anatomy, common injuries, how to prevent these injuries, and how to treat them when they do in fact happen. In order to demonstrate how some of the different injuries can happen, students watched videos of the injuries occurring to different athletes in real life. While this is a useful learning tool, it may not be for everyone. Some of the videos can be gruesome depending on the severity of the injury. To finish off our section of the knee, students will be learning different ways that we can tape or brace the body part. This is a hands-on learning experience that students really enjoy. They will be learning how to apply a tape job to support an injured Medial Collateral Ligament, patellar tendonitis, and a compression wrap to help reduce swelling in the knee. After we complete our section on the knee, we will be moving on to learn about the hip, thigh, and pelvis.