Applied Science Fall 2018

November 5, 2018

In our Applied Science class students just finished an activity where they observed the pulling power of Bess Beetles.  The objective was to see if the mass of the Bess Beetles affected how much the beetles could pull.  To collect data students lassoed the beetles with dental floss and attached the other end to a sled.  Pennies were used as “weights” and students observed and recorded how many pennies their buddies could pull.  Multiple trials were completed with Bess Beetles of varying masses.  Each group created a graph to determine the relationship between the mass of the Bess Beetles and their pulling power.  A graph was also compiled with data from all the groups combined.  No relationship was found between mass and pulling power.  This was a fun experiment and the students enjoyed making some new, tiny friends.  Even though we had some students afraid to touch the beetles, they all ended up participating and learning something new!