Are We Writing in Algebra 2? Yes!

September 4, 2019

We as a learning community in Algebra 2 and Algebra 2 Honors are engaging every week in a structured writing assignment. This offers all students an opportunity to practice writing thoughtful responses to prompts that are relevant to the math classroom.  

The choice of weekly reflection questions stimulate the imagination as well bring the students to a deeper understanding of themselves as lifelong learners.  I appreciate reading the students’ thoughts, feelings, and ideas that they choose to share through the written word.  

The students grow as effective communicators, not only in math class, but also in all areas of life, when they can put their ideas on papers in a clear and cohesive manner.  I grow as an effective educator as well when I can read and reflect on what the students do not have a chance to share with me in other ways.

-Mrs. Peg Fisher