Automotive Technology

April 19, 2017

Automotive students are having a great year. We just finished the Nebraska SkillsUSA® State competition and Juan Ortiz placed First and Eliseo Alcantar placed third in the Automotive Service Technology division. Juan will attend the SkillsUSA® National Leadership and Skills Conference competition in June in Louisville, Kentucky.

First year students are working in the shop tearing down V8 Chevy engines.  They are measuring crankshafts, checking endplay, and checking other clearances before starting the task of reassembling. This will be a challenge for most students as it is their first time to disassemble and reassemble an automotive engine.  They are learning torqueing procedures, precision measurements, and the importance of following assembly procedures precisely. 

Second year students are studying brakes and suspensions. Students have learned how ABS (antilock brake systems) function and how to disassemble and reassemble brakes.  Students are learning how to check suspension for wearing of ball joints, tie-rod ends, shocks and bushings. Students study alignment on how it affects tire wear, and how it affects vehicle handling.

Mr. Schmidt