Automotive Technology Students

April 15, 2019

Automotive first year students are studying alternative fuels and how Hybrids are becoming more popular to help save or make our natural resources last longer. They are also learning that some of the technologies being used today are not new. Take the electric car for example, it was more popular in the early 1900s because fuel was expensive, gas cars had to be cranked by hand and were dangerous. Steam powered engines took forty-five minutes to get warmed up enough to make steam. Electricity was in most major cities so recharging your electric car was an easier option. When oil was discovered in Oklahoma and Texas and Henry Ford’s moving assembly line began, gas powered vehicles took over the market. These two things made the gas vehicle cheaper than electric cars and improved driving range. 

Second year students are disassembling V8 motors and learning how everything must work together to get the engine to run and longevity to perform mile after mile and year after year. Students are putting one of the engines they reassembled onto the run stand and learning the procedures it takes to start an engine such as priming the engine with oil, filling the cooling system, wiring the electrical to the starter, distributor, and cooling fan. They are excited to start and make all of the adjustments needed to run their engine smoothly and efficiently.   

This semester, second year students have also been studying brakes, alignment and suspension. They had the opportunity to learn how to align our Chevy pickup, with the help of Plum Creek Motors. We have completed our truck with the help of the welders (they built a flatbed for the truck) and it is now our shop truck. We will continue to add accessories to the truck in future projects.