Basic Spanish 1 and 2

February 27, 2018

We have been busy in our Spanish classes with a ton of new vocabulary and grammar! This month, Spanish 1 got to make Valentines in Spanish and pass them out to each other. Also in Spanish 1, we have been talking about houses and learning about the differences of the verbs ser and estar. We drew up our “casa ideal” and also have recently performed skits taking place in a restaurant. It was so fun to see everyone’s creativity! Spanish 2 has been focused on cooking terms, food, and learning how to make formal commands. We are currently writing up our “receta favorita” using commands and turning it into a nice recipe card! In addition, we also recently studied legends and students got to show their creativity by writing their own legend! 

After Mr. Gamero got back from his training last week, we have had a better idea on what will be coming our way for the Costa Rica trip this June. Everyone is getting excited and we hope to have one more meeting before the school year is out after the meeting we will be having with students on the 28th. We cannot wait to share this experience with our students! ¡Pura vida!