Biology Class with Ms. Allnutt

March 27, 2017

In biology, we have been exploring the history and classification of living things. Earth is 4.5 billion years old and if you compared it to a 24-hour day, life did not first appear until 4 am. By 1 pm, symbiotic eukaryotes had evolved with a nucleus. At 6:30 pm, colonies of cells turned into the first multicellular life. Around 8:30, sea plants started to grow and animals went through a period of mass diversification. Life moved to land around 10:00 pm with plants being the first to go and animals following. Massive forests dominated the land by 10:24, followed shortly by winged insects. A major extinction took place at 11:00 pm, which allowed dinosaurs to diversify and rule the land until 11:41 when another mass extinction took place. Mammals now began to shine but it was not until 11:58 pm that modern humans appeared, and all of recorded human history takes place within the last few seconds before midnight. Can you believe that your lifetime is represented by just a blink of an eye?! 

As we continue to learn more about all the living things on Earth, we will be investigating how they interact with each other and the world around them. Students will research a biome from around the world to learn about its living things, climate and places to visit. They will then act as a travel agent trying to entice people to vacation to the desert or tundra! Spring semester is always busy, and it wouldn’t be the same without dissections in biology class. We will be dissecting a squid, crayfish, and frog before the school year is out.