Biology with Ms. Allnutt

January 9, 2018

In biology, we have been learning about genetics and starting this semester off with a bang we completed two quick labs. First we learned about how blood types are determined and how important it is to receive the correct type in a transfusion. Students then tested fake blood samples to determine what types they were. Then we used supplies that can be found at home to extract the DNA from a strawberry. It did not look at all like they expected it to, but it was a great success! While some were unconvinced of what they were looking at, all were impressed! This next chapter we will learn how DNA is the “blueprint” for life. Students will make models of DNA out of licorice and marshmallows and will play Codon Bingo to practice translating that genetic code into a useful protein. 

Next, we will be talking about the history of life on Earth and how organisms are classified and related to each other. Lots of questions have come up and we are all excited to be starting this new unit. Coming soon: dissections of crayfish, grasshoppers, squid, and frogs!

Every Friday, we watch a fun science video. These videos may be an introduction to a new topic, a review of material, or an expansion on content. They help to expose students to concepts that we may not have time to go in-depth with during class, as well as challenge them to think outside the box. “Fun science video Friday” has been a success and usually a bit mind-blowing! Here is an example from Derek Muller’s YouTube channel Veritasium