Book Talks in English I and III

October 12, 2016

To increase student interaction with the books they read, students in Miss Joekel's English I and English III classes gave book talks about their fiction books they read this quarter. Think of a book talk like a movie trailer.  A book talk is a two to three minute presentation giving just enough information about the plot to interest somebody, but it doesn't give away the ending.  The majority of a book talk centers around a discussion of the book's theme and why somebody should read the book.  It goes beyond a typical book report which only summarizes the plot and asks students to really analyze different aspects of the book.  The other purpose of doing book talks is to broaden students' knowledge of books available at the LHS library.  Students' book talks were recorded and will be available for students to watch the next time they are looking for a fiction book to read.  Check out an example---​