Book Tasting

October 3, 2017

On Monday, October 16th in English 1 the students in Mrs. Gruntorad’s classes will be participating in a Book Tasting event. Students have been independently reading a fiction book of their choice throughout the 1st quarter, and they’ve also been creating a “Menu” about their book. This will allow other students to try a “taste” of the book and see if they’d be interested in reading it. The goal is for every student to find a book that they’d like to read next quarter. Inside the Menu, students must include: Title, Author, Lexile or Grade Level, Pages, Setting, Conflict, Description of Main Character(s), Favorite Quote(s), Review, Rating (out of 3 stars), and Pictures. Our classroom will be transformed into a restaurant on the 16th and students will have a chance to read through several of their classmates’ Menus! If you are interested, let Mrs. Gruntorad know if you’d like to stop by and have a bite to read!