March 21, 2018

            The Lifetime Sports classes at LHS are craving spring weather! Students are impatiently waiting for opportunities to get outside and start new units. Softball, soccer, and sand volleyball are all activities that are on the agenda for our last quarter of the school year. Currently, we are just finishing up volleyball and football units and preparing for our unit tests. Also, the students may have an opportunity to try their skills at ping-pong and badminton in order to try something new.

            The PE department will be getting a face-lift. New classes are going to be added in order to give the students of LHS more opportunities to experience different activities.  We are excited for these changes and hope our students are as well.

The following classes will be offered:

  • Team Games
  • Lifetime Activities
  • Beginning Strength Training
  • Advanced Strength Training
  • Sports Officiating
  • Health