Building for the Future

February 12, 2019

According to the World Economic Forum 65% of students entering school this fall will work in jobs that have not been created yet. This is important as we decide how to prepare our students for their post secondary careers. The Career and Technical Education program is trying to stay up with current trends in manufacturing so that we can prepare our students for their future while they are in our classes. We have implemented technology into our curriculum as it comes available. By introducing Drafting, CNC Programs, Lasers, and Plasma into our courses we try to stay current with the technology utilized by industry today. 

The newest addition to our department is a 3-D printer. This will allow us to teach the principals of Additive Manufacturing. AdditiveManufacturing has been around for several years, but with the push for Career and Technical Education it has moved to the front of innovative education programs. Traditional manufacturing methods involve a material being carved or shaped into the desired product by parts of it being removed in a variety of ways. In Additive Manufacturing structures are made by the addition of thousands of minuscule layers, which combine to create the product. The process involves the use of a computer and special CAD software, which can relay messages to the printer so it “prints” in the desired shape.

The drafting and design class has purchased a 3-D printer that will be used with the drafting software we are currently teaching to teach the principals of additive manufacturing.  The students are designing components and parts that can be printed and used either by themselves or with parts designed and manufactured using other techniques in the lab. One of the students designed a piece with our school logo and did a time lapse of it being printed. It has been uploaded to YouTube, the link is below. Check it out.