Building their computer, one component at a time!

January 30, 2018

Students in Mr. Patocka's Computer Programming 1 and 2 classes will have a hands-on opportunity to disassemble and then re-assemble a PC tower-style computer.  While students learn how to execute this procedure, they will document with instructions and photographs the process and create an instruction manual that can be used for further repair for that model of tower computer.  

This opportunity allows students to see just how simple and rewarding building their own computer can be.  Students also study hardware and software and do a virtual shopping trip in an effort to design the computer of their dreams.  While computers have the ability to be modified and "tricked out" by adding such features as liquid cooling and custom cases, the core components have changed very little when it comes down to simple assembly and wiring of the computer parts and system. 

In the end, students will have the confidence that they need to choose the necessary components and assemble their own computer with their own hands, and have the ability to modify their computer for future use, something many off the shelf, pre-assembled store bought systems do not offer.