May 11, 2018

 What do you want to be when you grow up? Do you remember being asked that question and often thought, “I don’t really know.” However, you responded probably with some random job that popped into your head.

The Careers class at Lexington High School is studying the basic job factors (6) one should consider when looking for a career, so “when they grow up,” they have a better idea of what they can truly see themselves doing. Those factors are as follows: 1.  Job Duties and Responsibilities, 2.  Job Prospects, 3.  Education, Training, and Skills, 4.  Salary and Fringe Benefits, 5.  Advancement Opportunities, and 6.  Work Location & and Environment. 

Students are researching a career choice they want to learn more about.  One of the sources the students will be using to find a great deal of valuable information is

After completing the research, students will prepare a presentation, which they will then present to the class so we can all learn about what career choices are available to us. If you are looking for a new career, (after all, on average a person changes careers 7 times) here are some sites that might be helpful to you: 

Good Luck!!