CBI Students Working Hard

September 22, 2016

     We are off and running with our community jobs in the CBI room.  We have students working at the YMCA, Pizza Hut, Early Learning Academy, Platte Valley Auto and LHS.  The students at the YMCA are washing windows and mirrors, vacuuming, sweeping and cleaning the handrails on the track and stairs.  Our Pizza Hut workers are learning how to fold boxes and wrap silverware in napkins.  At the ELA, students are helping the preschool children with their schoolwork, monitoring recess and joining in during group activities.  Platte Valley Auto is having students help with car washing and vacuuming.   Our students at LHS are wiping down lockers, dusting the counselor’s offices, picking up recycling and delivering mail to teacher mailboxes.  The kids enjoy going and have so far had success in their placements.