Community College Programs In Construction Management

January 31, 2017

Do you like working with your hands, building things, being outside? Consider a career in construction management. Every construction project – from buildings to bridges and highways is completed with a construction management professional in charge. The industry needs professionals who know the ins and outs of the trade. It’s a growing field that offers job satisfaction and high salary potential. 

Construction managers take courses in materials, construction design, surveying, estimation, personnel management and more. You will take courses that involve hands on learning projects. Most of your time will be spent in labs or in the field working on actual building projects. You will meet clients and work on their projects. These experiences will teach you effective communication, problem solving, critical thinking, and how to work on teams. These skills will make you an in demand part of the work force.

Technical schools and community colleges are a great place to start; you will be on the job site sooner, working with the latest techniques and trends in the building industry. Small class sizes and affordable education are also advantages to starting at a community college. Transferring to a four-year school after completing a program is also an option that will make you even more employable. Exploring a degree in construction management at your local community college could start you on the path to an enjoyable and satisfying life long career.