Constructions in Geometry with a Compass

October 10, 2016

     This year in Geometry I have been trying to incorporate the use of the students computers more often.  We have a Google Classroom set-up for each class where the students can locate notes, assignments, and discussions. 

     We have been studying constructions with a compass. More specifically we have been copying line segments, creating a perpendicular bisect of a segment, copying angles, and bisecting angles. Not all students learn the same way, so I have been trying to incorporate each learning style. For the auditory learners, I have been writing out and talking through each of the steps for constructions. For the kinesthetic learners, we have been practicing each of the constructions using a compass.  For the visual learners, I have been using videos off of to help them complete the constructions correctly. We will be doing more constructions sporadically throughout the semester like using a compass to create parallel lines.

Here are the links:
Copying an angle

Bisecting an angle

Copying a segment

Bisecting a segment