Creating Podcasts in English Class

November 29, 2018

          Living in the digital age makes access to information readily available in a myriad of formats.  One such format gaining popularity is the Podcast. Podcasts are shows (recorded as audio files) in which one person or several people discuss a topic of importance to them.  

          Students in English 3 Honors class were tasked to create their own podcasts about four short stories in the Dark Romantic and Gothic time period.  First, students worked in small groups to read, discuss, and analyze their stories, with each group focusing on a different story. Several days passed as they worked hard to become experts about their stories.  Then, new groups were created with one student representative of each story. Students taught each other about their stories through storytelling and a student-created handout.

          Finally, students evaluated the four stories on the elements of a good story and Dark Romanticism in a round-table discussion.  Students recorded these discussions and are working to create their podcasts using their recordings.

          Few things are more exciting as an educator than to see your students actively engaged in their projects as this.  Students built their critical thinking skills as they analyzed the short stories and evaluated the effectiveness of the stories.  Problem-solving also played a key role as the groups had to create their own schedules of what they needed to accomplish each day to turn in their assignments on time or if there was a hiccup in their recordings.  Students rose to the challenge and are becoming active participants in sharing their knowledge in the digital age.