ELL English Embark On Research

March 17, 2017

     In ELL English we have been working on how to do essays. At this point in the fourth quarter, we started working on how we can take it a step further and do research to add important information to the essays. We started working on research papers to make it a little more meaningful. As a class we did research over Malaria, an important disease that we don’t really think about anymore, but it took many lives in the past and still kills many people all over the world. This quarter, the students will be picking their own topic and doing individual research on their topic using the different resources available to them throughout the school. As an ELL class the students will learn how to do research and how to find sources that are good for their topics. For example, they will look in books available in the library, encyclopedias, and of course they will look at the online resources available through the library, such as the EBSCO database and several others. The students will also be learning how to cite their work and how important it is to do so.