Exploring Venezuela!

November 15, 2017

In Spanish class we are learning about the country of Venezuela. Kids are learning about all the difficult situations the country is experiencing. The students compare their lives in the United States and how would it be if they were to live in Venezuela. Also, we have mentioned some political issues concerning Venezuela and how they are compared to recent political situations in the US. 

Some students have commented that Venezuela needs help from other countries and the United States is doing a great job helping many Venezuelans by bringing them as refugees into the country. Other countries including, Mexico, Colombia, Spain and Argentina are also accepting refugees from Venezuela to help relieve the situation. 

Students reflect on the crisis and how it will affect children in the country. Many have said that it is very sad that many kids don’t have the opportunity to go to school because of the violence on the streets, and how they value their safety here in the United States. 

After Venezuela, students will learn about another country in South America, which is Chile. 



Picture of Nicolas Maduro. Actual President of Venezuela.