Fall 2017 Biology

September 11, 2017

     In Ms. Allnutt’s biology classes, students have been learning what the word “biology” means and what it means to be considered alive. If they learn nothing else this year, they will at least remember what “bio” means! Students have learned about the different molecules essential for life, such as proteins and carbohydrates, and about what makes water such a unique compound and important for life on Earth.

     We are currently learning about how enzymes speed up chemical reactions in our body. Next, we will learn about the cell structure. We will be doing a fun project to make a model of the cell to help remember all the parts and their functions. The model can be edible (cakes or jello or pizzas, oh my!) or it could be made out of clay or Legos! Every year students have fun with this project so I am excited to see how creative we can get!