Feast Not Fiesta

December 4, 2018

Senior English classes are studying Shakespeare and reading Macbeth, the shortest of Shakespeare’s dramas. This year the food service staff, led by veteran cook Kerry Teetor, is serving the Elizabethan Feast on Wednesday, December 12, 2018. The items on the menu are Shepherd’s Pie, sallet, bread, apple juice, and fruit. The feast food will be served in the second line. The senior students are making signs and preparing information posters about foods during Elizabethan times to place on the cafeteria tables. Students can read and learn about foods from the Shakespearean era while they eat their lunch.

            Other activities the students have done for the Shakespeare unit are a poster of a favorite quotation from a Shakespearean drama, crossword puzzles, and a puzzle of symbols from the drama. The students will finish the unit on December 12, with the feast and a test over the five-act tragedy. 

Carol Carlson