Feudal Society

September 20, 2019

Mr. Nieto 

In Western Civilization we have just begun our second unit. Throughout the next month or so, students will learn about the development of western Europe from the fall of the Roman Empire to the Renaissance. This time period is often called, The Middle Ages. Throughout the unit we will be discussing how the nations of France, England, and Germany came to be.

We will first begin by analyzing the feudal system of the time period. The students will learn by role playing as a vassal, lord, or king. They will see how each depended on the other in order to survive. Early next week the students will also be creating their own Coat of Arms. We will discuss how each “house” had one and how they chose what would be on display within them. The students will use their iPads to create their own and then share with the class what they chose to display on theirs and why they chose those specific colors and symbols.

Later on in this unit, we will be discussing the impact of the plague. Again, we will have a class simulation in order to understand the gravity of its impact on the population of the time. We will see who survives and who does not!