Foundations of Leadership Service Projects

April 20, 2017

The twelve Foundation of Leadership classes of Lexington High School were actively involved in service projects on Wednesday, April 19.  The Foundations of Leadership classes, which consist of ninth graders, worked with the opportunity to provide help and assistance to others and give of themselves. The opportunity also allowed the students to connect with the broader community beyond Lexington High School. 

Six classes (Mrs. Brockmoller, Mr. Gamero, Mr. Woodrum, Mrs. Reeves, Ms. Allnutt, and Mrs. Zarek) went to the Lexington Early Learning Academy to assist the pre-school teachers with a variety of activities and interactions.  Students designed various activities to engage the interest of the young students as well as offer a chance to share stories.  Mr. Seberger’s class took the time to assist students at Sandoz Elementary by helping in the classroom and reading to students or listening to students read.  The classes of Mr. Patocka and Ms. Archer were busy assisting at the Dawson County Museum, cleaning outside areas of trash along with cleaning areas within the building.  They also took time to help clean Memorial Park and clean the landscape at the Lexington Aquatics Center.  St. Ann’s Parish Center received the service of Mr. Nieto’s class as student’s helped clean outside areas and landscapes, but also took time to clean furniture and rooms within the parish center.  The Dawson County fairgrounds was the setting of the services of Mr. Jones and Mr. Jilka’s classes as they assisted in cleaning landscape areas and around the building structures of the fairgrounds.  Students walked the outskirts of the property collecting trash that had blown into the area or was left by past users. 

The valuable learning experience allowed students to take pride in their ability to assist the needs of others while utilizing their skills.