Freshmen History

January 30, 2017

The American History I class has been studying the Reconstruction Era.  The Reconstruction Era began at the conclusion of the Civil War. The Civil War made it necessary to rebuild the governments and economics of the Southern states.   A key blow to the Southern Reconstruction was the assassination of President Lincoln. He had campaigned for forgiveness and to make an easy transition for the South to rejoin the Union. 

Lincoln’s Vice President, Andrew Johnson had been put on the ticket to get more votes from the Border States in the Election of 1864.  He was an ex-Democrat and from the South. This did not go well with the Radical Republicans who wanted to punish the South. Unfortunately these events led to a fierce fight that culminated with Johnson’s impeachment.  He was found not guilty by one vote.

One activity the students were required to complete was creating links from the past to the present.  Students made Facebook profiles of past Presidents. Students had to do their own research to ensure the profiles were historically accurate.