Freshmen to College

November 9, 2018

The freshmen class at Lexington High School got to embark on an exciting trip to Hastings on Wednesday, November 7. The students were able to tour both Central Community College-Hastings and Hastings College. Through this endeavor students were able to learn about both a four-year college and a two-year program. They were able to see different classes and residence halls at both locations. The students also got to eat a tasty lunch at CCC-Hastings. This trip provides a way for students to begin thinking about college and what they might want to do after high school. The exposure helps them to be able to see firsthand what awaits them after graduation. They can also start planning what classes they might need to take in high school to pursue specific degrees in college. Both campuses were beautiful and did a great job accommodating our large groups. Thanks for the hospitality, Hastings!