From the Sole/Soul Stories

November 20, 2019

by Ms. Carlson

On the day before the research paper is due, College English I students relieved stress by writing Sole/Soul Stories. The research paper has been a journey, and no one knows this journey better than the foot or sole. The students wrote from the point of view of the foot, telling the strengths and weaknesses each student faced during the research project. Here are five examples from the Sole/Soul Stories of forty-four students:

“I have learned a lot about myself throughout the semester because of my research paper. I learned that time management is very important. I would catch myself slacking off, but I would snap myself out of that bad habit. I realized how easily distracted I am. I would go with friends when I knew that I should’ve been at home getting my work finished at a reasonable time. My strengths are more important than my weaknesses with school and work. I was still able to get my work done. I also saw myself grow with my writing and mentality.” Rosa Hernandez

“My biggest weakness when writing this assignment was time management. I struggled to stay on task, but I finished everything. Writing the paper was hard because I had to find time to finish my essay. My biggest strengths are researching and doing my note cards. When I did find the time, I was very focused and got to the point. I also liked doing the diagrams because it was something new I learned.” Esmeralda Mendez

“One of my main weaknesses that I have had over this journey of completing my research paper was I procrastinated. I knew all along that I should’ve been working on my research paper, but I wasn’t. I was more focused on other aspects of my life than finishing my research paper. Also, I feel as though I should have thought a lot more about my topic. One of my strengths is that I did a lot of research over my topic. Once I began working on my paper, it was easy. I had to make sure I finished all of my note cards before I began writing. Through this process I have learned a lot about myself. I never once thought I would write a ten-page essay.” Dylan Richman


“Throughout the journey that has been this research paper, I have not only learned the process but have also learned about myself. I was strong in getting interviews done and seeking informative interviewees. I found great resources and put effort into the process early on. I read through my articles and talked to farmers to gather knowledge on my topic.  My weaknesses have developed more recently. I started my note cards late, which pushed the writing of my paper back farther than anticipated. I am now rushing just to ensure everything is finalized and ready to be turned in for the proper grade.” John Howard


“My biggest weakness during this paper was just time management. It was difficult to keep myself on track with no early deadlines for any of our work. I will use this as a HUGE lesson and stay on track in the future. My biggest strength was just being able to use Wesleyan’s library just because they had a lot of useful information. I also think note cards really helped. At first I didn’t want to do any, but I realized they were necessary.” Daniel Con