Furniture and Cabinet Making

May 14, 2019

There are skills that can help you begin a career in the construction industry. By taking the courses offered at Lexington Public Schools you will have a leg up on many of these skills. By learning woodworking techniques you are also learning how to use power tools and read prints, these are two of the major skills you will need if you want to pursue a career in construction.

You'll learn about:

  • Fine woodworking, woodworking specialties, and wood processing 
  • Setting up your workplace, woodworking tools and materials
  • Joinery, box making basics, hardware fasteners, and finishing wood 
  • Cabinet design, construction, refinishing and refacing. 
  • Marketing your woodworking shop

Many Lexington graduates get out of high school with the intention of going in to a construction field. Taking the courses offered here before graduation will make the training after high school so much easier, and will give you a base of knowledge that you will be able to use your whole life.