Giving Lexington a Voice

November 12, 2018

        The world of Speech, Reading, and Drama is back in action. Hello,  I am Daniel Arias and every day I have the pleasure of teaching Speech, Reading, and Drama classes at Lexington High School. This year has not been short on exciting. In our Speech sections we’ve been able to generate both informative and persuasive messages with a focus on immediacy. We hope that each message we create in class has a reason for existing and a purpose to serve. Students have engaged in beautiful dialogue and debate on a number of subjects. These argumentative opportunities help strengthen their speech know how and allow them to be more connected to our world.

        Reading classes have continued their extensive software work. Read 180 is a software that is tailored to every students reading level and allows for natural growth. The rest of the time we’ve been invested on a novel titled Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson. This book revolves around a girl (Melinda) and her journey out of social bullying situations and acceptance. This novel deals with a lot of delicate topics that has allowed for good conversations during the reading. Students are improving their reading while they ask some important life questions.

        In our Drama class we are getting creative. This quarter we are developing a short drama performance where everyone plays a role in production. Students have been learning the different jobs a stage can have and have been immersed in the planning and developing of it. The other half of class has been geared towards acting and interpretation. Improv activities help students develop character and emotions in hopes of making an idea come to life. Making things come to life has been the theme that binds all these classes together.

        These three courses are such a blessing to teach. We hope to develop the intellect and the ability to speak on behalf of Lexington. Kids need to know how important it is to be the voice of something special. I think so far we are off to a great start!