In Pursuit of a Dream

May 2, 2017

     Lexington, Nebraska is known for its diversity. When compared to other Nebraska cities, Lexington ranks in the upper quartile, both for diversity and population density (City of Lexington Profile, 2017).

     Diversity in Lexington comes in many different forms. A clear representation of Lexington’s diversity is the school’s demographics. As a new High School counselor, I have had the opportunity to learn about the uniqueness of our school district. This week for example, Lexington High School students, participated in a student panel discussion before the Nebraska State Bar Foundation and the Nebraska Supreme Court to celebrate Law Day. Earlier this year many of these students gave a similar presentation to the Community Foundation.

     The stories of these students are a reflection of such diversity. A young Honduran man, who learned English in one year and whose excellent academic performance has ranked him number two in his class. A young girl from Kenya, recently discovered her passion for oral interpretation of poetry and depicts the plight of her people in her native country in a passionate poetry presentation. A Vietnamese student, who loves his family and does not want to be financial a burden is caught in the dilemma of whether he should pursue higher education or work. Another young man who was born in Sudan, but lived in a camp in Kenya wants to become a professional soccer player. Finally, a student who came to Lexington from a nearby community to pursue a career in music and wanted to be part of the outstanding instrumental band program at Lexington High School.

     Within each student lies a story that shapes who they are and impacts their future career choices. All of these students come from different parts of the world, with diverse socio-economic, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds. Nonetheless, at Lexington High School they coincided in pursuit of a dream. A dream that for some started when they fled their native countries in search of better opportunities; for others, life circumstances simply happened and brought them here. Nevertheless, Lexington High School has become the common thread that weaves them together as they continue to discover their passions and talents.