Is it Plum Creek Park or the Appalachian Trail?

October 5, 2018

On September 21, nineteen Lexington High School students transformed Plum Creek Parkinto the Appalachian Trail. Students in the ELL Newcomer Social Studies class ventured outside the classroom to explore and identify the diverse natural habitat and landscapes of Plum Creek Park, located south and across the street from Lexington High School. During the hike, students discussed the geographic similarities of Plum Creek Park compared to photos/video footage of the Appalachian National Scenic Trail, a 2,200-mile trail that stretches from New York State to Georgia. The field trip is part of a Social Studies unit where students learn the geography, industry, and demographics about the five regions of the United States. Currently, the class is focusing on the Northeastern Region. ELL Newcomers diligently learn not only facts about these regions but also how to say and memorize those facts in English. The field trip to Plum Creek Parkprovided a hands-on learning opportunity for ELL Newcomers to experience first-hand what they are learning in the classroom.